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1995 - 2021

and further :-)


The beginnings of our company B2 date back to 1993. Back then, we were inspired by the motorcycle community there on the beaches of Melbourne, Australia.

After returning home in 1994, there was nothing left to think about, let's start our own company! But, what will it be called?


By some chance we got our hands on the Troy Lee Designs catalog and our jaw dropped, that's it, we want it!


And so Barbora Janovská, Martin Kvasnička and Milan Jaroš found a graphic studio,  , with the idea that we will paint racing helmets, motorbikes and bikes using the airbrush technique[applying paint with a tiny air gun]

We came up with the logo and name for 3 months, about a ton of paper and hundreds names fell, it was a massacre :-)


... and you already know it: The Winner is ... B2!


Thanks to pilot Jaroslav Huleš, our helmet in the MS motocyklů series is 125 cm, and at the Olympics in Atlanta they wear a helmet with the B2 Kateřina Neumannová and Radek Fořt logo.


Martin Koloc with a helmet painted in our Red Bull design wins the ME  title in the drag racing. We were thrilled, such a success a after a year of business!

Our first Sport Prague exhibition, where we had a stand and sold T-shirts with our logo for the first time.

And do you know how the stand came about? We simply bought the boards and cut, drilled and painted them on the spot and it was done... 


Victory in the DESIGN category at the Sport Prague Exhibition with the "duck" helmet - well, this helmet came about a bit by accident when Bára was drawing and she was embarrassed to show us, what did she actually create for this exhibition ... a duck and a helmet??? ... but when we saw it, it was the bomb and yes!!! 

Other products with the B2 logo are emerging such as sweatshirts and caps. 

Company is leaving Milan Jaroš and he goes his own way ... good luck!


The   mobile drawing phenomenon is flying I think we drew hundreds of them. As part of the tour of the world-famous writer Ed McBain , we are creating a limited edition of mobile phones with his "handwritten" signature.


Breaking the 100,000 CZK limit for HD drawing in Harley - Casperson design. Spectacular and great work, and thanks to it they wrote 3 pages about us in Motocykl magazine and   we were interviewed on Czech TV.

Ivo Chestnut rides the legendary Paris - Dakar with our helmet on a Triumph motorcycle. We are drawing a Windows 2000 design bike helmet for Steve Ballmer, head of Microsoft, yes and Pepa Dressler in our helmčice  "finally" becomes the Biketrial World Champion!


Cooperation with the legendary Czech brand AUTHOR gave us a lot of professional nakopla. The professional yet friendly environment impressed us a lot and influenced us in the future. Thanks Martin!

It's splashed by 100 pero, but the share of our graphic work is starting to rise, so we're creating a new logo for the cult Czech brand RB, which manufactures mountain bikes ... nIt's not for nothing that we are mainly designers at heart!

Well, who doesn't know the band Lucie? So for Michal Dvořák, we draw his keyboards in a technical style.

Among other things, we sell about a ton sheets sticker B2 :-)

Huge a talent for everything that smells of gasoline, Jiří Navrátil, wins with our helmet the Champion of the Republic in class karts ICC 125. Thanks to this cooperation, our helmet will be in the future_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_master Octavia Cup, winner of many rallies, Praga factory driver, ride in the Rosberg team ...


We have an F1 single seater helmet!

...thanks to Jarek Janiš, who  becomes a test pilot for the Jordan stable.

Not even in the cycling section se not idle. We decorate Michal Prokop's helmet and he becomes the World Champion in the MTB discipline 4X with it.

More new designs for stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, caps, socks...

For our client, we are starting to publish the gastronomic magazine FANY info Revue with a circulation of 30,000 ... well, we actually take care of the entire process, i.e. from graphic designs, through folding and printing to sending to specific addresses to specific people! ( ... yes a we are still publishing in 2021 :-)


And another dream and milestone of our company behind us... Jarek Janiš drives our helmet in the German DTM touring car championship.

Michal Prokop becomes the World Champion in 4X again and for the second time in our helmet, in Rotorua, New Zealand.

We are becoming the in-house suppliers of Triexpert bike design

For one of the largest of bulls actions, Car Sela marathon we are preparing the design of the annual t-shirts. And since everyone is happy, we will collaborate creatively for several more years.

Well, these two years were really fruitful ... in 2005, our son Ondřej was born, and in the following, Viktor. That was creativity!


Motorcycle racer Matěj Smrž brought a helmet drawn in our studio to the highest level on the circuit in Magny Course, in the MS Superstock series. He did so well that year that the very next year, we had a helmet in the Supersport World Championship.

Pilot Jarek Janiš drove 24h car races with our helmet 5 times

Le Mans. to achieve the best position with the Spyker car, and of course the B2 helmet could not be missing.

Because there was a lot of interest in our collection of clothes and accessories, we made an agreement with the chain of stores Walk Shop, they had super stands made and they started to be sold together with the brands Oakley, O'neill. That was great, after all, in just one yearoutside other sold about 5000 t-shirts :-) ... unfortunately this cooperation did not last long duration and ended after 2 years thanks to the closing of the Walk Shop :-(

Cooperation with Ondra Ježek begins, to which we draw helmets for MS championship races super stock.


We are doing well and for some time now our workspaces are small, so we will have to do something about it. But what and where? We found a plot of land just outside Prague in Čerčany and decided to build our studio B2 right here.

Whoever built it knows and the rest of you probably guess a the classic wheel begins. The great thing is that we know the architect Miloš Černý from the construction of our house, so the choice of who will design the studio for us is clear. We will surround ourselves with super craftsmen and at the end of the year we approve!

In addition, Matěj Smrž rides the German IDM motorcycle championship and Ondra Ježek the World Supersport Championship with our helmet. Biker Michal Prokop becomes in Switzerland the third time  World champion in MTB discipline 4X and what kind of helmet is he wearing? Sure, ours :-)

For the Praga kart team we draw their factory helmets. 


"Vagusák" Ondra Bank represents us at the Olympic Games in Sochi thanks to the helmet . We are taking our cooperation further and coming up with a logo and design for his newly created brand glasses and that includes complete packaging. But that's not all ... we also paint him hundreds of their serial helem Vagus (of course, we draw his idec_59-cc780 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_peace tuned :-)

Cooperation with Martin Prokop, who will drive our helmet in the WRC series, begins. Such F1 in the rally, great! ... now

6th place v Sardinia and Wales...

The highlight of our collaboration with the Czech-Italian karting team Praga, for which we create a clothing collection a accessories. But it's not only design, but also ensuring complete production and delivery. That is. key. This sounds like nothing, but it's a real challenge! Two years full-time! Designed in the Czech Republic, made in China, Vietnam, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Slovakia ... Mr. Ptáček, thank you very much for your trust!



Austrian Kitzbuhel, Ondra Bank together with our helmet stands on the winner's podium at the FIS Ski World Cup in super combined. And thanks to Ondra, our helmet will fly around the world. Unfortunately, this is thanks to his scary fall on the descent. In the end, everything turned out well and it is confirmed to us that the quality of_our lacquers is really world class :-)

And now a secret! Starting this year, we become the exclusive supplier of final surface treatment special, on order embellished  mobile phones. Unfortunately, you won't learn more, a contract is a contract (...but, some are really great and very, very expensive).

Beautiful creative work and collaboration in creating the design of the complete FRT racing team. It's great when you see it all together warms the heart :-)

Great, we have the 20th anniversary of our company!!! 


Ondra Ježek our represents in the prestigious MS superbike motorcycle class. 

Beautiful collaboration on the design of the entire Spies Hecker rally team, the pilot is Jiří Navrátil. It's not all in motorsport ... cooperation with the SAPE motorsport team begins. They are, in turn, circuit breakers. So the classic procedure: helmets, racing car design, clothing ...

Another Paris - Dakar and so new helmets are needed for Martin Prokop. It gets better every year, this time it's the 11th or so 7th place

Thanks, I don't know why :-) we get a wonderful order. Transfer the painting by Gustav Klimt Adele - Lady in Gold, on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Challenging, but great, great! ... I recommend reading more about this project on ourblog. It's worth it!


Up to the heights ... We haven't had that before! We are not designing a hot air balloon for our long-time client FANY Gastroservis.

The B2 helmet competes in the endurance WC series of motorcycles, driven by Ondra Ježek and young blood, Jáchym Galáš wins in our helmet ve FiA VIA Endurance TCR.

Not even in the upcoming discipline where you ride JetSurf, founded by the damn smart Czech Martin Šula helmet drawn in our studio and that's how it happens thanks to Martin Prokop and Honzo Červenka.

Martin Kolomý is together with Martin Prokop another pilot, who racing with a B2 helmet in the legendary Dakar.

I'm happy. We got a bag of go-kart helmet drawings for the upcoming generation of racers: David Gorčica, Filip Bartoš, Matyáš Milata...

25th anniversary of the establishment of the company!!! 25, 25, 25, 25 ... that's incredible and thanks to you!!!

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